Nov. 8, 2016

About Sherry Jarvis

Sherry started with horses from a very early age. There has only been 6 months in Sherry's life without a horse.
Sherry has always loved horses and got her first pony Ginger when she was only two years old, the same age as Ginger. They grew up together and were riding with the wind at a very young age. They were best friends and Ginger lived to be over 30 years old helping lots of cousin, nieces and nephews learn to ride. 
Sherry grew up in a rodeo family, with a calf roping father and a sister and brother who also rode from the time we could barely walk. Sherry hit every event she could from team and calf roping to barrel racing and pole bending. She got pretty handy with a rope, and always like helping her Dad with his cattle. She even entered some queen competitions.

Besides rodeos, the family competed in 4-H, local horse shows and gymkhanas. Sherry had to practice a lot for these competitions. But her favorite thing to do was just hanging out with her horse, riding the pastures for pleasure, jumping the hay bales in the alfalfa field, swimming the rivers together, and pretending to be a pioneer, a jockey in the Kentucky derby, a rider in the Olympics, or a circus trick rider.
Sherry attended college at Chadron State College where she graduated in the top of her class receiving a BS in Education, with minors in Physical Education and Psychology. She has taught school and owned her own businesses the past 25 years. However scattered throughout the years she kept coming back to the horse training. The love of working with horses and people has always been one of her greatest passion. (She also is passionate about God and living a healthy lifestye)

When the natural horsemanship clinics started becoming popular in the 90s Sherry says, "I finally found it." She discovered the holes in her foundation that had hindered her from taking her raw talent into a harmonious art form. This new found knowledge inspired her with a greater determination and dedication to share the importance of a natural foundation, which will develop a relationship with your horse which will change your life. She just knew this was what she was supposed to be doing.

The more Sherry learns and teaches the more she realized that if we can stay in the moment and keep balanced without letting the emotions of fear, anxiety, or anger take over, then we can stay safe on our horse. It is when we are in the moment that we can truly become one with the horse. We need to be both mentally, emotionally, and physically fit in order to be in the moment.

Some of the tools Sherry uses to keep herself both mentally and physically fit is regular exercise, including yoga, zumba dance, and cross country skiing. She says these activities give her the tools to keep herself and her horse in a frame of mind where they can develop an amazing partnership.

The practices of yoga and good horsemanship both use many of the same concepts and principles. Both require us to stay in balance in movement by drawing from our core, to use breathing techniques and relaxation, and also to stay centered, grounded, and focused both mentally and physically.

A horse needs a good leader and being able to stay in the moment requires mental, emotional, and physical fitness. Sherry's teaching will be hard work and at times will push you out of your comfort zone. But the rewards will be well worth it when you become one with your horse.

Sherry has a burning desire to share everything that has been made available to her, and to help people realize their dream with their horses in a natural way. She hopes to be instructing students and sharing her passion for mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional fitness for horsemen and their horses all the rest of her days.

We hope that you will join Sherry in her unique, easy, and clear style of teaching in order to continue your horsemanship journey. 

Check out her website at for more information.