Nov. 8, 2016

The Growth of Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship

In 1998 Sherry began an in-depth study of deepening her horsemanship, searching for better ways to keep the stress levels low on both horses and people.

Being a trained educator with a strong emphasis in physical fitness and psychology she discovered the parallels to becoming a better horseman as she continued her own learning journey. By combining all of her training and natural talents, helping others develop a deeper bond with their horse, while developing the physical performance at the same time just seemed natural.

In 2003 Sherry finally took the plunge and started Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship
LLC full time
. It started with a few clinics, private lessons, and taking some horses in for training. The first couple of years were spent training horses for others, traveling to do clinics, demonstrations, and speaking engagements as the business was developing.

In 2004 Sherry was honored to ride with Ray Hunt. And passed level 3 with Parelli.

In 2006 the Women's Confident Leadership Camps were started at her cousins ranch Calamus Outfitters.

In 2007 she started the Youth Camps, Apprenticeship Program and Young Horse Handling Classes.

In 2008 she added the Horse Psychology and Exercises for Riders Classes and Boot Camp for the serious horseman.

In 2009 her first book was published "Win Your Horse's Heart (Be Better Horseman).

In 2010 she added the Horse Lovers Bunkhouse. And got to ride with Buck Brannamen.

In 2011 the Spirit Horse Retreats and Trail Ride Camps were a great addition to the other Camps.

Then  in 2012 she started the facebook group SADDLE UP FOR CHRIST where she posts daily inspiration and encouragement for over 1200 members and still growing. The Spirit Horse Retreats were started.

In 2012 the new on-line Horsemanship Study Course has taken off very well, with expectation to continue building this program. Sherry also was able to ride with Buck Brannamen again this year. And added a Dressage clinic to her resume with Sarah Martin.

In 2013 Sherry was not able to travel as much as in the past because the Horse Lover's Bunkhouse, Training and Intern Program kept her too busy at home. She had 4 interns and about 12 training horses.

She also started a second business with Young Living to support both her health and her horses through the use of essential oils and other chemical free products.

Another exciting thing that happened in 2013 was the Mule Ride that Sherry took with her friend Joan to the Grand Canyon. You can watch a video of the trip at this link or read a journal about the trip on her blog Sandhills Horse Sense . She also had the opportunity to ride with Joe Wolter and do some demos at the NE Horse Expo, plus be the coordinator for the cowboy Church.

In 2014  Sherry rode with Richard Shrake and continued to develop her skills as an instructor,  host camps and interns as well as take in training horses, and continue to expand speaking engagements and Sandhill Oils.

Sherry also did her first Spirit Horse retreat away from home in Pennsylvania and also traveled to Texas for Young Living Convention. She also worked with Tim Rust ministering with Horses through the NE Cowboy Church Asso.   and also hosted Paul Daily in Burwell with Wild Horse Ministries which was very exciting. 

In 2015 Sherry rode Richard Winters for the second time. The first time was in 2003 in a colt starting clinic in WY. Sherry started a Tuesday Tip Live Video on her Facebook Group. She became an active person in the NorthHill Fox Hunt Club as well. The bunkhouse was more active than ever so there was not as much time for travel, except to WY for the annual horsemanship clinic, to Utah for Young Living convention, and quite a few speaking engagements for Christian Women's groups in IA, KS and NE.

In 2016 Sherry is looking forward to continuing to grow the intern, camps and especially the Spirit Horse Retreats at Horse Lover's Bunkhouse.

So as you can see Sherry is always on the move creating new and provocative ways to meet the needs of horse lovers.

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