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Jan. 22, 2020

And come to find out it is what Young Living is all about too!
Not only do we have a lot of spicy smelling essential oils but did you know we have a whole slew of other products as well which help maximize your overall wellness.

In fact we have a product for everyone in your family no matter what their age and also even if they are a furry family member.
The variety of products available is Another great reason to choose Young living for your wellness needs. Most other oil companies don't even start to compare when it comes to variety and number of different oils and oil blends.
There is no "one size fits all" approach with Young living like there may be with other oil companies because of their limited products. You won't feel stuck with just one or two options as a Young Living Member.

EXAMPLE: Let's say you need an oil for your daughter that was calming and relaxing which didn't contain lavender. Most other companies don't have anything... but HELLO YL peace and calming.
What if the one or two oils for say congestion didn't help you then you might be out of luck with another online company or a store...
But Young Living literally has so so many different options for all your needs. So if the first one doesn't work for you like it does someone else you have many more options to find the perfect fit. Just like medication, everything doesn't work the same for everyone.

When I got my kit I was blown away by the quality of their essential oils and their kit and the pricing is just amazing...
But what really got me convinced was they have SO MANY PRODUCTS.
In fact 3 times more blends. 3 times more single oils than the next most popular online company... and who knows how many more than a store that doesn't specialize in oils.
Then there are the Bioavailable Supplements, Hormone support, Toxin-free Makeup and Skin Care, Kids line, Baby line, Pet line, a Cleaning line with wayyy more products.

So it was just a no brainer for me to switch to them for a more thorough variety of stuff that I needed and no annual fee either.

Now I save a lot of time and travel going to and from store to store to get all these products... ONE STOP SMART SAFE SHOPPING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Want to have the same variety of safe/natural options with ease for your home and family?
Contact me and I will help you get the best products at the best prices to meet your individual needs.

Jan. 22, 2020

We have seed to seal and we KNOW it's THE BEST and most incredible thing that sets us apart from any other company.
This is one of the major reasons why I choose Young Living for my wellness products.

I know this might irritate some people because there are other companies out there that claim they have their own stamp of purity called CPTG (certified therapeutic grade).
Some companies claim they are the ONLY oil company to have this kind of certification. Which is true.. because they made it up. It's their own trademark. There is no overseeing agency that certifies essential oils.

It is important to know where you oils come from, how they are produced, tested, and even packaged.

So what sets Young Living apart from other companies???
I will let the scientist and farmers from Young Living explain it to you because they can do it better than I can.

Here are a couple of links for your education so you can make a wise decision.





After viewing this information if you have further questions... don't be afraid to ask questions below or contact me personally... if I don't have the answers... we will find them together.

Jan. 22, 2020

Essential oils are becoming more popular and appearing on the shelves of local health food stores, farmer’s markets and specialty stores.

However, with the ease of use and accessibility of online shopping, I prefer being able to buy essential oils online. That way, I can choose the company I wish to buy from on many other criteria and factors other than plain availability in my local store. I also find that the best essential oil prices are available when shopping online, and not in local stores as you can take advantage of special offers, deals, and discounts.
Plus the local store does not provide you with the education and ongoing support you will surely want.

The company I chose provides more than enough education and support to use your oils with success through videos, books, a virtual office, events, social media, and local distributor like me who are very eager to meet your every need with outstanding customer service.
The community you get when you buy from certain online companies with distributors is one of the most valuable assets you will get... The added benefits are priceless if you choose to plug in.

Not only that... but It is noteworthy say, the Young Living company I choose rewards customer loyalty with “frequent flyer” type rewards points and product promotions which can add up fast... meaning a greater savings than you will ever get from a store front. In just 4 years I got over $16,000 in free products.

The first thing to remember when shopping smart for essential oils is that prices vary largely due to the resources, process and production practices of individual companies.

Some people say your oils are more expensive than so and so... I actually thought that too but when I dug a little deeper there really aren't many "comparable" oils especially when we consider purity and potency... but the ones that we might be able to compare are within $1-$2 either way.
Some of Young Living oils are more than other popular online brands and some are not.
The one that I was most excited to see was another popular online company has an oil called Deep Blue 10 ml roller it is like $70 and a similar oil from Young Living is the Deep Relief roller which is $24 and upon trying it I actually loved it more!

Does that get you thinking?
After considering all my options I trust that I have made the smart shopper decision to go with Young living for not just my oils but all my wellness needs too... which is a topic for another post.

If you have questions please feel free to connect with me... I will do my best to answer them with honesty and compassion.

Jan. 20, 2020

Many of you know that I have been using all natural products from Young Living for years now to support my health. You may have guessed by now that it is NOT A FAD with me...
It is a LIFESTYLE!!!! Because I care about how I feel to do the things I have been called to do and that I enjoy.
The promise of no yearly fees is one of the reasons I chose this company as my one-stop shop for all my personal care needs. No more going from store to store wasting time and money.

You know wholesale stores like Cosco and even an Amazon Prime account have yearly fees.
The thing that blows me away about YL is first of all no fees for absolutely anything.
Nothing. No annual fee. No fees to redeem points for loyalty orders.
Nothing. I love that.

Also YL's monthly promos are absolutely incredible.
They have many tier options to reach not just one or two and instead of just buy 1 get 1 things you actually just buy what you want and get usually half if not equal amounts of TONS of free products monthly of the same value.

That is how I have built up my HUGE stash and been able to have such a variety of wellness products... is just by all the freebies.
It's been my fav part."

You can take advantage of a wholesale account with 24% off all products, earning points on the Essential Rewards Program, FREE shipping in the YL Go program, and the monthly free promos, and save lots of money.... like I do!

If you want to learn more,,, please contact me and I will help you get started saving.

Jan. 15, 2020

Don't go elsewhere. We're not going anywhere.
"It's amazing how many knock off oils are out there now. Cleaning product companies, makeup companies, supplement companies, fragrance companies and then there are the big box stores. It's hip and cool to be an oiler now.

So, remember... when you talk up your love of oils, people do NOT necessarily know or understand what it means to be young Living. They don't necessarily understand what it takes for us to say that an oil is safe and effective to ingest for therapeutic purposes.

In the past, I would share my love of oils, and not about the quality or the history of our oils. My friends would head to the local store and pick up an oil bottle clearly marked, "Not for human consumption," use it in the way I had shared about, then accuse me of oils not working, or of the oils making them sick. I learned my lesson the hard way!

Now, I go on and on with you about our farms around the world and the culture of integrity and the quality that I've always enjoyed during my 10 years with Young Living because I know that we are completely different than the rest of the synthetic/adulterated oils bandwagon.

Another imitator of Young living just went through an elaborate show of accusing YL of producing synthetic cinnamon bark and spearmint. They must not realize how inexpensively and easily we produce the highest quality oil from those plentiful plants. It costs far more to produce a synthetic version of these oils in the lab than from the abundant crops we harvest ourselves.

Young Living is not about an oil or two.

  • We are about a lifestyle, a culture of integrity and going far above and beyond ANY industry standards.
  • We are about some of the best and most informed people in the world.
  • We are about serving our families and communities with our best foot forward and connecting with a movement of stewardship of creation and honoring the purpose for it.
  • We are about truth, beauty and the service to mankind.
    We are pioneers.
  • We fight to preserve the health of those whom we love. And we bring out the best in those who embrace those values.
  • Make no mistake.. Young Living isn't just a thing.
  • We are the best.
  • We are bringing back centuries old wisdom and agricultural know how with modern research and technology.
  • We are YOUNG LIVING.
  • It matters.
    -Nancy Kim Sheridan

I won't go anywhere else to purchase my healthy lifestyle products because Young Living supports and enhances every area of my journey. If you would like to join me, I will be here on this journey to support and encourage you.