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Dec. 16, 2017

As many of you know I reached the rank of Silver in Young Living in Nov of 2017. I would like to share my journey with you to encourage and inspire you.

I established my wholesale account with Young Living in Feb of 2014. I drove 6 hours to WY to attend my first Essential Oils 101 class because my friend Alyce Carter kept telling me how great this was. I trusted and loved her and because I was curious to know what this was all about... I went. Boy am I glad I did. It has changed my life, well mostly it has changed ME!
I was so excited about YL that in March I shared with two people and they both enrolled. So
I decided to order $100 PV on the essential rewards program. I was so happy when I got my first months products for free because of the bonus I received from the two people I helped get started.
In April I added one more person and made Star Rank. From that moment I decided to become a product of the product.  I went whole hog transferring all of my shopping to YL ...taking advantage of the product promotions. I’ve been doing that ever since. I have received so many products for free with my earned points and monthly promotions it is rather hard to believe. I have never been with a company so generous.
In May, Jeanna Anderson my gold upline drove all the way from WY to help me do my first Essential Oils 101 Class. She made it look so easy I knew I could do this. That month I enrolled 8 people with her help. I am so grateful for her. My 1st check was over $400. I ordered $300 on essential rewards and pocketed over $100 profit.  I was overjoyed. Not only because I made a profit and got all my products for free but that so many other people seemed as excited as I was.
I determined from that point forward my goal was to enroll at least 2 people every month in order to change their lives. I am proud to say that I have achieved that goal. I have discovered that consistency is the key not only to this journey but nearly everything in life.
By August I reached the rank of Sr. Star by asking the people I had enrolled if they would host a class in their home if I came to teach it. Several of them said, “Yes” and by now there were 30 people in my organization with one ranking at Star after her class.  I felt blessed to be helping others and watching them gain benefits from the products in their lives too. I was having monthly local meetings with make and takes, raindrop demos, oils of the Bible classes and I had a booth at the local County Fair. People were coming and learning.
In Sept three of those people who I had taught classes for now reached Star and I was very close to reaching executive. In Oct. Leigh Ann Smelker and I had a booth at a Health Fair in Ord. We added the people under her and I made Executive in just 7 months. I was working hard and still am because I also run my full time horse business. However I find it both invigorating and rewarding to LOVE it and SHARE it.
My goal was to reach Silver in Six on the Elite Express program. Which meant I needed to do it by April of 2015. However that winter my best friend was seriously ill with cancer and she died in April of that year. I was still doing the business, still enrolling at least two people a month, still encouraging others to share, still listening to coaching calls, still teaching classes, still running my horse business, still doing the very best I could and praying that I would make a difference in the lives of others. But unfortunately I did not make it. It was my first disappointment. The important questions is, “What would I do with it?”
I was still 100% sold out on the products and the opportunity but it seemed everyone around me was loosing interest. And those who had started just a year ago were dropping off like flies, even though I was still offering support to them. I didn’t understand why... but I kept my chin up and stayed in touch... loving and praying for them.
When I made executive in Oct of 2014 I had 44 members and $5100 OGV. Six month later when I wanted to reach silver I had 97 members but my OGV was still the same.  I kept adding new people but it seemed most people were not getting the vision I had of transferring their shopping to toxin free YL products or that by sharing they could get their products for free like I was. I did my best to educate. However, I discovered that until the timing is right for people they are not ready to learn. So it is best to just work with the willing and love the rest.
That year in June, Leigh Ann Smelker and I got in her van and drove to Dallas TX to the Young Living Convention. It was exactly the renewal I needed after loosing my best friend and riding buddy. I was also hurting because so many people were dropping out who at one time seemed really excited like I was. Once you go to convention you really get a feel for the “heart of the company.” I am not sure anyone can understand that completely until they attend. I have been to two more conventions since and the one in Dallas is still my favorite. It was much smaller and well...it was my FIRST... kind of like the first kiss... very memorable.  I knew one day I would be up on stage as a guest speaker and Royal Crown Diamond. Still not there yet, a long ways to go...but believing I will be!!!
After convention I was so on fire I didn’t want the flames to go out... So I started a Thur. night education call because I was burning inside with passion and I had to let it out. I was often the only one on the call and I did them anyway. I figured it was good practice for when I got on stage at convention one day as a Royal Crown Diamond. For months Leigh Ann Smelker was the only one on the calls, but we kept going together, because you know that a coal burns out faster when it is separated from the rest. That is one thing I love about YL we are a tribe... a family...a team... that work together. All you have to do is plug in and you will get all the support, encouragement, knowledge and training you could ever want and more. In fact 3 years later I am still doing those Thur. night calls and haven’t missed a single week. Remember CONSISTENCY is the key to success!
Fast forward to Oct. 2015. One year after I reached executive I was excited that there were now 124 people in my organization. However, I will admit I was very disappointed that my OGV was only $1000 more than it was a year ago and 57 people had gone inactive. Why am I telling you all of this? Why not just keep it all roses and fairy tales? Why not just  tell you how successful I am and that you can get rich overnight doing this? First because of integrity. Second, because I want you to know that this is for anyone... but it is not for everyone. Third because it will take effort and growth on your part. And finally because no matter how fast and successful you are... you will have disappointments along the way and you can either choose to let those disappointments drive you or defeat you. I have chosen to let them drive me.
Because I didn’t let the disappointments defeat me..in Feb of 2016 my organization was up to 154 members and my OGV to $9000 there were 4 stars and 1 Sr. Star. But then it wasn’t long before three of those people would just up and quit. I felt terrible for them, and it hurt. But I thought this is just another set back. I have to regroup, start over and never give up because people are worth it. I was putting more time and effort into this than I thought possible with all the other responsibilities I had. Not to mention that my husband thought this was plain stupid. I pressed on anyway.
In June of 2016 Leigh Ann Smelker, Elaine Egbert and I went to the convention in Salt Lake City Utah. It didn’t have the intimate feel of the convention in Dallas because of the large crowds. But the highlight of the trip was going to the farm in Mona and visiting the distillery which left me in awe. I had hoped to go to this convention as a Silver. But I was stuck at around $9000 OGV with 4 stars. But the good news was the three stars who had quit were replaced by others who had a bigger vision and deeper commitment to the healthy lifestyle and helping others.
Here we go again to the anniversary date of Oct. It had been two years since I had reached executive. My upline kept encouraging that I would make it. But being a Red/Blue I was getting really impatient. I now lost the “rising star team bonus”  in my check because I did not make Silver in two years. It hurt the pocketbook, but I still had a job to do. There were still people out there who needed what YL has to offer.
I did reach enough OGV ($10,000) in Oct of 2016 to become a Silver but I did NOT have the two legs at $4000 each that I needed. Instead I had 5 stars and one Sr. Star. Another disappointment? YES! But did I quit? NO!
I kept LOVING it and SHARING it. I kept on supporting my team with weekly calls and prayer. So many of them were going through really hard things in their lives which caused numerous distractions that at times seemed impossible to overcome. However, I kept my why, my purpose, my vision, and my mission before me. Which helped keep me on track and moving forward even if it was at a much slower pace than I wanted to be going.
In Nov. Dec. of 2016 Young Living had an incentive contest that if you enroll 10 new people in those two months you would win a bottle of rose oil. I did it! I cherish every drop of my rose oil! It was FREE but not really... I worked really hard for it. It was worth all the phone call rejections, and disappointments when people say “Yes, I am ready to get started now,”  and then they don’t. This was just another small milestone that strengthened me and kept me going. Thank you Young Living for the incentives and the way you support our success. I am so grateful.
In Jan of 2017 I started a FB group called “3 month marvelous make over” where we dug deep to discover our purpose in life, I wrote down on a piece of paper “make a positive difference in the lives of 7 million people before I die.” Did Young Living line up with this purpose? YES! So I had to keep going and with more resolve than ever.
In April 2017 I reached an all time high with $13,000 OGV; 3 Sr. Stars and 6 Stars and 185 total members which means that more people were getting on ER and staying there. However the very sad part is that 97 people had gone inactive. That is like half, which to me was just not acceptable. So I continue to reach out to those people because I cared about them and I know what a blessing Yl can be in their lives. I miss them and love them. I will never give up on them, because God never gives up on me.  I know that is not good business, all the marketing gurus tell us to just drop them and tell yourself “NEXT”. But these are people who I care about... they are not just a number or $$ sign to me.
June came around again and I was even more excited when another new business builder went to convention. Brenda Schellhorn joined Elaine Egbert and myself. The crowds were bigger than ever and the hallways were a constant traffic jam. But in the midst of all the chaos we sat and listened to amazing presenters tell their stories, teach and inspire us. As the sunset on the big Utah University stadium that last night I knew I was still in the right place even if I hadn’t made the stage yet.
I had met so many new and faithful friends and I couldn’t let them down... so I had to step it up and push myself harder than ever because people are hurting ... they need help... they need answers. Young living has the answers to many of their problems whether they realize it or not.
In August 2017 I knew I was getting closer to reaching my goal with three Sr. Stars that had over $2000 OGV each and 6 stars. So I took a big leap and I hired a mentor. Not that my upline was not good enough... they are wonderful. I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement they have given me. The hours they have spent on the phone with me is so much appreciated. But they too had lots on their plates. And this is my business... they have their own business. They are not responsible for me or to make sure I achieve a certain level. It is up to me!
This mentor was not cheap by any means. But I knew I had to invest in myself and this business if I was going to reach Silver or any other level. I realized that you don’t build a business you build people and I needed to build myself before I could build up others. I wish I could say working with the mentor has been easy. It has been costly, hard work, and painful at times. But I have grown which is what I wanted.
I wish I could say my team is always on board with me every single day. But they still have difficulties and distractions in their lives which hinder them and beliefs that limit them... We all do!  But the good news is...we are working through these things together as a loving family does. These ladies on my team are wonderful and I love them and believe in them. I am dedicated to them no matter what because... it is part of my why that keeps me from giving up. And believe me I have wanted to give up many times.
In Sept. and Oct. 2017 two Stars reached $3000 OGV and I just felt like it was now or never. I put in more time and effort than ever before. I went through more rejection and pain then ever before. I can say I never felt more alone because my family is not really on board with me just yet.  But I knew that Jeanna and Alyce my upline were fervently praying for me and I just couldn’t let them down.  So what did I do? I wrote over 200 letters, and just stepped up everything I was doing to the next level. At times I felt like it was all worth nothing, but I fought hard to stay positive. I even told my upline that if I don’t make Silver by January I am not quitting but I am going on a serious vacation for a while... because I feel like I have given all I had to give. Turns out I was wrong...I had more to give!
Letting all the disappointments drive me instead of defeating me finally paid off and I reached Silver in Nov. of 2017 only 31 months later than my original goal with an OGV of nearly $17,000; two executives, three Sr. Stars, and 7 Stars. Do I want to reach gold in 6 months? You are darn right I do! Will I be disappointed if I don’t? YES, of course! Will I quit? Absolutely NOT! I am in this for the long haul. I will not fail.
The moment I realized I had reached silver I was more relieved than excited. It was also bittersweet because I know I still have to work hard to keep it up for the next three months so that I can go to Silver Retreat next fall. There is another chance of disappointment, but I am willing to take the risk.
So what is my plan? To LOVE it and SHARE it with passion and compassion. To build up the people on my team with love and grace. To pray a lot and ask God to guide me. To do my best even when it is hard. To stay focused on people and not the dollars.
If you are willing to work hard and help others then I would love to have you on my team. The potential of this opportunity is unlimited. And if you want more personal growth than you ever thought possible... get on board with us... you will be glad you did!  If you just want to stay in the comfort zone of where you are at... then this is definitely not for you. It is for anyone, but it is not for everyone!
Did you know the average Silver with Young Living makes a little over $2000 a month and the high is $25,000/month. Now I know to some of you that doesn’t seem like a lot and to others you are thinking... Wow. I wish I had an extra $2000 a month. Who wouldn’t?
With my horse business there are months I would make that much ($2000) and sometimes more, but on the average I was making way less than that... and some months...like in the winter ZERO or next to nothing. So when I realized I could make a residual income in addition to my horse business, which I love so much. I knew I had to give it a go. With my horse business I trade hours for dollars and although I love the work, it wasn’t getting me very far ahead and there was no 401 K. I couldn’t seem to save anything for retirement. Even when I was teaching school I wasn’t taking home $2000 a month and there was not much room for income growth in that profession either, even if I worked harder or did better.
So now I have the best of both worlds I get to live my dream with my horse business and I get a residual steady income with Young Living. I doubt I will ever quit my horse business as long as I am able to ride... just because I love it so much. But at least the pressure is off to have to make a living. The extra income I now have with Young Living has brought the joy back in my horse business. And I plan to make it to Gold in the next year where the average income is $6000 a month. Click here to see the average income disclosure statement. https://static.youngliving.com/en-U...
Would you be willing to work really hard for 3 or 4 years in order to make $6000-$10,000 or more a month? I know my answer to that is a definite... YES! Some people have done it a lot quicker. But just to stay on the safe side... Would you be willing to do a job for 3-7 years if you knew at the end of it you would be living the life you have always dreamed of and you would be helping others along the way?
And here is the beauty and simplicity of the system. If every person who established an account with YL would just share with three people who also enrolled and transferred their shopping, then those 3 people enrolled 3 people more...You would be Silver in less than a year. YES that is right! I did the math. But as Dr. Haggerton would say “It is always simple... but NEVER EASY!”
So the bottom line is nobody would have to be salsey and enroll hundreds of people to be successful in this business if every person with a Young Living account could just catch the vision and share with 3 friends and ask them to do the same. That isn’t hard. Just think of it like sharing your favorite recipe, book or movie with 3 friends. And it is better than that... because you are impacting their health and well being for the better by LOVING IT AND SHARING IT. When you share with someone you are doing them a wonderful favor, and they will eventually thank you. I really believe that by NOT sharing the goodness, I am being selfish and withholding blessings from others.
And guess what? It only takes 6 legs to get to Royal Crown Diamond and make over a million dollars per year. I have done the math and if 6 people would be serious about this with you and they all created 6 legs it would go very fast. So I am asking you... Do you see the vision?... Are you willing to take action on this vision? If so... I will be your partner in this and we will change our own lives and the lives of many more. We can do this!
Want to join our team? go to www.yldist.com/sherryjarvis/ or message me sandhilloils@gmail.com

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Here is a copy of my congratulations letter from Young Living! I am proud of what I have done even if I didn’t do it as fast as I wanted to. I would love to have you on my team!

Sherry, welcome to the leadership level of Young Living!
Your deep level of dedication has paid off and brought you remarkable personal and professional rewards. We are proud of you and your accomplishments and encourage you to continue pursuing your goals through the life-transforming power of pure essential oils!
Keep an eye out for a special recognition kit with your pins and certificate by the end of the following month. Continue to be paid as Silver for three consecutive months to join us at an upcoming Silver Retreat, and remember to check out the Elite Express program for additional rewards for the Gold in 6 (Gi6) track.
Jun. 24, 2017

Super Cal Plus
With the key ingredient of red algae from Iceland’s coast, Young Living’s Super Cal™ Plus is a nutritional powerhouse that provides the calcium, magnesium, key vitamins, and trace minerals that help maintain and support the integrity and density of bones and teeth. This carefully selected key ingredient makes Super Cal Plus an advanced addition to Young Living’s line of calcium supplements.

 Dr. Goodman is talking all about AminoWise, SuperCal Plus, and Shutran 3-in-1 men's wash! He answers your most common questions and talks about why specific ingredients were used in these products. Why are magnesium and other minerals are just as important for bone health as calcium? How does the average, everyday athlete benefit from AminoWise? Dr. Goodman talks about all of this and MORE!!!https://www.facebook.com/YLeducationalevents/videos/1349626975180988/
Sherry Jarvis YL member  #1695966
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Jun. 24, 2017

Ok, so we all like savings 💰 right? Sometimes we talk ourselves out of spending 💰 on things because we THINK we are spending a lot. Whether you are a couponer or a price matcher or not, let's compare and contrast the cost of Young Living's makeup with a few other leading companies Here are my interesting finds for the basic things we all buy when we think of makeup:

Young Living Savvy Minerals (Wholesale Price):

💧 Eyeliner-15.75


💧Eyeshadow (one color)-15.25

💧Lip Gloss-27.50




(w/out Lipstick-$130.25; w/out Lip Gloss-$125.50)

BeautyCounter Makeup (non-consultant price):


💄Foundation (powder)-$41


💄Lip Gloss-$29




w/out Lipstick-$167; w/out Lip Gloss-$168)

Bare Minerals Makeup (Retail-only option):

🐻 Eyeliner-$17


🐻Eyeshadow (Palette)-$45

🐻Lip Gloss-$18




(w/out Lipstick-$132.50; w/out Lip Gloss-$134.50)

So, as you can see:

1. Young Living's makeup is NOT expensive;

2. Hello, INGREDIENTS??? :) I mean, the stuff I can trust is really no more then the stuff I can't trust. Maybe you get a tad more (like multiple eyeshadows or a duo blush pack) but I am happy to get quality over quantity. :)

AND BEST POINT OF ALL: Neither of these other 2 give me POINTS BACK when I order!!!! With my YL order I can add these to my ER order, get 25% back (if you're just starting you will get 10% and work your way up) which is $38.25 back on an order of $153!!!!! So, who does that? Does Target? Ulta? Amazon?

Just something to chew on. :) Feel free to share this. :) End of math lesson! Thanks, Kristi Torregrossa


Sherry Jarvis YL member #1695966


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Jun. 24, 2017


From YL member Lauren Crews:

Any member dissatisfied with any Young Living Savvy Minerals product may return it according to the following time frame

30 Days or less after Ship Date (Unopened) - Refund (items and tax) to the same method of payment for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges).

30 Days or less after Ship Date (Opened) - Credit on the member's Young Living account for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges).

The credit for opened products will be based on the percentage of the product returned.

For example: If 50% of the product is returned, only a credit of 50% (less shipping and a 10% handling fee) will be applied to the member's account.

31 - 90 Days after Ship Date (Opened or Unopened) - Credit on the Young Living account for the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges and 10% handling fee).

The credit for opened products will be based on the percentage of the product returned.

For example: If 50% of the product is returned, only a credit of 50% (less shipping and a 10% handling fee) will be applied to the member's account. Items over 90 days cannot be returned.

Sherry Jarvis YL member #1695966


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Jun. 24, 2017



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