Inspiration for the Journey

Dec. 16, 2017

Everything They Ever Wanted…

They were up to their knees in empty boxes, pretty torn wrapping paper with bright colored bows flung across the room. A few minutes ago they had been ripping off the bows, tearing the paper with expectancy and digging through the tissue for the treasure that was hidden inside.

Would it be the perfect gift?

The one they had put on their secret list to Santa?

Or would they say in a polite manner when the contents were revealed “Oh, just what I always wanted.” so they wouldn’t hurt the feelings of the giver? 


And if it was the gift they had been longing for…how long would it be before it was forgotten, broken and thrown in the trash… or replaced next year by a new and better gadget or the latest fashion trend?


Or would it remain a treasured possession handed down from generation to generation as a keepsake?


Everyone experiences the empty feeling day after Christmas morn when the lovely decorated packages… no matter how special… didn’t seem to satisfy the longing in our hearts.


There are also valuable gifts that don’t come in attractive and carefully wrapped packages. Some of the best presents in life may come without beautiful paper and glittery bows. They may seem like the very thing you never wanted but in fact turn out to be the best gift yet. 


There is one gift that is the most priceless of all. It didn’t come wrapped in an appealing box. It was quite the opposite.  It was adorned with nails, a crown of thorns, and blood.  It came from a heart that burst because it was so full of love for you it could no longer contain it.


This gift has so much love and life that it will never run out, it will never fail, or leave you longing for another. It is everything you ever wanted… even if you didn’t know it, ask for it, or deserve it. 


This gift of love is undescribable. There is nothing that can replace it, and it will never go out of style because it is perfect. It will cast out all your fears and bring you unspeakable joy.


It has been passed down from generation to generation as the most cherished and expensive gift ever given. When God gave his precious Son to the world on that first Christmas morn he knew how costly it would be and yet he gave unreservedly.


The best part is... the gift is for everyone who receives it freely. There is a treasure hidden inside that outshines all you ever dreamed of. 


Will you accept it?



Dec. 16, 2017

Merry Christmas

Dec. 16, 2017

The Music is Playing

By sherry Jarvis March 20, 2017

The composer wrote notes on the paper,

But the music isn’t a song until it’s played.

The creator gave life to each one of us,

But without passion the life will soon fade.


The whole point of dance is the movement,

It always tells a story filled with emotion.

To live life fully we must keep on moving,

Expressing our love, faith and devotion.


We do not listen to a song for the end note

It’s the lyrics and melody that bring pleasure.

We look for one destination after another,  

But it is life itself that is the real treasure.


Allow the tunes and motion of life to bring joy.

Because it’s too short to live in a busy trance.

The crescendo is building up to the finale,

The music is playing, so remember to sing and dance.

Dec. 16, 2017

Tied Up  

by Sherry Jarvis 3/16

Round and round we go,

Where it takes us nobody knows.

Always busy doing this and that

 constant meaningless, useless chat

Running here and over there

Are we taking time to really care?

Excuses, we have far too many

None even worth a penny

We say, “I’ll do it later”

Becoming a true procrastinator.

Letting the little things ride

Until they become cockeyed

Left unattended too long

It leaves you weak not strong,

Trying to piece it back together

Can be as hard as predicting the weather,

Loose ends can cause some trouble

For peace of mind, tie them up, on the double.

The thing I’m trying to make quite clear

Don’t put off until tomorrow with fear,

 So do it now in your own way

And have yourself a pleasant day.

Dec. 16, 2017

Come to God in His garden

as His aroma fills the air.

In the fullness of nature,

you will find His presence there.


Come to God in His garden,

In the early part of each day,

Bask in the solitude of silence

As you sit awhile and pray.


Come to God in His garden,

On him cast all your cares

Let His peace fill your heart

While all your burdens he bears.


Come to God in His garden,

Let him refresh you like the dew.

He is the lovely Rose of Sharon,

Who will always walk with you.