Jan. 20, 2020

12 Reasons I Love Working From Home

Brr it’s cold outside… the roads are bad …it’s snowing again… so I’m sharing today things I love about working from home.
1. I don’t have to drive on bad roads to get to work. Weather IE snow doesn’t prevent me from working.
2. More time to spend around my family… like I can go visit my dad during the day at the nursing home.
3. I can work from anywhere with an internet connection and Phone.
4. A flexible schedule… I am able to do volunteer work.. and ride my horses.
5. I control my days off… I value the freedom I have even if it requires more discipline
6. I save money on gas and car maintenance… and time without a commute.
7. My office can be any kind. It’s actually in my living room
8. I can learn more and become more independent.
9. I can stay more focused and I’ve learned to be resourceful.
10. My income is not limited.
11. I hate packing lunches or eating out all the time. It’s expensive so I save money.
12. I can be here on storm days like today to care for the horses and keep the corn stove going.

If you work from home and have other reasons you like it… I would love to hear yours.
If you had to travel to work today I pray that your travels are safe.

If you want to work from home… I could help you get started.
Just pm me.